wood shutters

Available in painted, wood stained and rustic stained finishes, Wood Shutters are made from the highest grade basswood available. The extra-hard finish significantly extends the longevity and beauty of these classic window treatments. Multiple sequences of sanding with fine sandpaper and coating with high-quality stain or paint are performed. The PU (polyurethane) finish produces the characteristics of: hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water-resistance and color retention.

Wood Composite Shutters

Composite shutters have inhibitors to protect against color fading and yellowing; and their patent polymer coating resists staining to ensure long-term performance in a variety of environments. Wood composite shutters withstand temperatures up to 140F, so they won't sag when exposed to window heat. They are made white a solid composite wood core. This gives louvers and panels a substantial feel that is much more like natural wood than hollow vinyl product.

the difference?

Tension Rod System

Rod systems runs the entire width of the shutter panel through the louvers.  This prevents stripping of the tensions screw, cracking of the louver, and ensures tight closure.


Recessed magnets that you can’t see.  Your shutters will close tightly for a clean and streamlined appearance.
Stainless steel staples:  are embedded in the louvers, thy resist corrosion and withstand hat for a fail-proof tilt rod attachment.

Mortise-and-tenon joints

Traditionally used in demanding furniture and building construction, mortise-and-tenon joints are designed to withstand the shear stress and racking forces that occur during shutter operation.